Civil law at RASCO Associates is primarily connected to variety of civil disputes and litigations including Declaratory Suits, Suits for Specific Performance, Suits for Rendition of Accounts and Suits for Recovery, etc. Team of our experts and experienced lawyers handle civil matters of such nature with zeal & zest. If there is any sort of infringement over your civil rights, our team of expert lawyers is there for you to help you and assist you in the best possible way. A comprehensive and encompassing representation in all aspects of civil litigation is provided at RASCO Associates, wherein our firm strongly believes in treating the clients’ interest as of paramount nature at all point in times.


We at RASCO have immense experience in the field of modern banking laws and practices. Our litigation department regularly represents major financial institutions in claims against borrowers at different forums as the case may be. We also defend borrowers against creditor claims. Secondly, we provide legal opinion with regards to cases already pending before different forums including Banking Court and Court of Appeal. Our team of professional attorneys allows every client to avail a complete range of banking and financing consultation that helps in taking long term profitable decisions. Additionally, we advise and provide support on major financings, refinancing, and different SBP loan schemes to broad range of industry sectors, including but not limited to energy and natural resources, manufacturing, infrastructure, transport and logistics, real estate, construction and technology.


Our professionals have vast and extensive knowledge that is accompanied by technical proficiency and strong relationship with our business partners. We understand the industry needs and business issues that our business partners face which help us formulating business feasible and tax compliant solutions for them.
At RASCO, we have the proven expertise that ensures effective delivery of tax advisory services meeting clients’ business needs.
Our service areas:

  • Corporate & personal tax planning
  • Sales tax/VAT advisory & compliance services (Federal and Provincial)
  • Filing of returns/statements of sales tax & income tax
  • Family business taxation planning
  • Transaction tax advisory
  • Maintenance of tax records and administration for purpose of tax reporting
  • Opinions on taxation matters
  • Handling tax cases at all levels


We offer a full complement of legal services in the insurance industry. We act on behalf of a number of major insurers in respect of both short- and long-term insurance, and offer the following services in these areas of specialization:
  • Advice on insurance legislation.
  • Litigation on policy liability or repudiated claims.
  • Fire claims litigation.
  • Loss of production litigation.
  • Advice on regulatory aspects and compliance with the applicable legislation.
  • Assessment of liability on policy.
  • Product liability claims.
  • Interpretation of policy wording.
  • Subrogated recoveries of damages and defences.


Our property lawyers and conveyancers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Property Law. The Firm has advised on acquisition, construction and infrastructure projects of FIEDMC and other approved industrial zones in Pakistan.
  • Acquisition and Development of Property.
  • Verification of Title, sale, rental and creation and removal of lien on property
  • Transfer of fixed properties (conveyancing).
  • Registration of mortgage and notarial bonds.
  • Opening of Sectional Title registers.
  • Providing advice on and litigating in respect of all property-related matters.
  • Law relating to environmental aspects of property.
  • Feasibility study of construction and development projects
  • Secured lending and borrowings


Our approach is to work closely from the outset with all parties to move deals forward. As the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions requires a multidisciplinary mindset, we often assemble a supporting team of tax, competition, real estate, intellectual property and employment lawyers to advise on the various aspects of the transaction.
  • Acquisitions
  • Carve-outs
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers
  • Corporate finance
  • Divestitures
  • Entry and exit deals
  • Escrow arrangements
  • Exchangeable share transactions
  • Spin-outs


At RASCO, we always empathize with our clients by standing at their position to understand actual circumstances of the case and aim at providing unraveled and matchless advice by protecting their interest and ensuring they know their rights.

Our family lawyers always take up these cases as a priority because of sensitivity of the matters and emotional attachments thereto. Our best family law services in Lahore and best family law services in Pakistan are but not limited to following:

  • Divorce Matters
  • Court Marriages
  • Child Custody
  • Child Guardianship
  • Child Adoption
  • Maintenance
  • Inheritance Matters
  • Succession Certificates
  • Certificate of Heir-ship
  • Mutation of Property
  • Gift Deeds (Hiba)
  • Dower Matters
  • Conjugal Rights


We at RASCO, provide quality and effective consultation and constitutional legal services to our valued clients in all respect as and when they needed. You may adopt constitutional remedy in following conditions:
  • Violation of fundamental rights
  • Adequate and speedy alternative remedy not available
  • Lack or abuse of jurisdiction
  • Question of law involved
  • Abuse of power and authority
  • Violation of principles of natural justice
  • Matter of public importance
  • Direction to Authorities to act within four corners of law.


Our lawyers have excellent investigative skills, are extremely resourceful in locating the requisite evidence to establish claims and have conducted several investigations as part of the assessment of claims.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of liability of the wrongdoer in Personal injury, Wrongful Arrest and Product liability matters.
  • Litigation in respect of Medical Negligence claims arising from the failure by a medical professional to exercise the reasonable skill and care when treating a patient.
  • Quantification of the damages for which the wrongdoer is liable.
  • Conducting litigation on behalf of the injured party.
  • Advice on the investment of damages awarded.